In many ways I would have to say I owe a lot of my success to John Keppler. When I first met him, he was working on his own magazine called Waves. I am not sure if he actually liked my images, or was just trying to help me out, but he gave me the encouragement and guidance I needed to start becoming a professional surf photographer. While my experience with him at Waves was short lived, as he was forced to shut down his magazine shortly after I met him, I was fortunate enough to hook up with him again at Wave Action when he hired me as an intern. For the next year, John helped me develop my photographic skills, my organization skills and, most importantly, he helped me network with key surfers and companies. After a year of working for next to nothing, I was then fortunate enough to be hired as the Photo Editor @ Wave Action. For the next year and a half, John and I worked together to produce the editorial content of Wave Action, and John continued to aid me in furthering my career. Then in the spring of '96 our paths parted when John decided he had been stuck behind a desk for too long and it was time for him to go back to being a freelance photographer. His decision to leave actually inspired me to look elsewhere as well. It was then that I was offered my job at SURFER Magazine. It was a pretty big change for me and took a bit to get settled in, but as soon as I got situated, one of the first phone calls I made was to John. John had given me so many opportunities and opened so many doors for me, I thought the least I could do was phone him, let him know where I was at and that his images were welcome at the magazine. Since then I think John has been working on a number of other things, aside from photography, but when he can, has managed to provide us with essential content. Come to think of it I don't think I have ever thanked him... Sorry about that John, but I really do appreciate all that you have done for me.”
Marc Kozai, Assistant Photo Editor, SURFER Magazine


“I've been working with Kep for 10 years now, and he has always delivered the goods.... Especially during crunch-time assignments - whether it's action or lifestyle. In an industry like ours, with so many talented photographers, I know I can always count on Keppler Photo. He's on it and I respect him for that.”
Steve Clark, Surf Team/Marketing Manager, BILLABONG USA

“John Keppler has come a long way in becoming a very competent action sports photographer. I have personally worked with John for over fourteen years and would not hesitate to recommend him as a reliable shooter who can get the job done."
Flame, Photo Editor, SURFING Magazine

“John Keppler was one of the first guys to market his photo career around the future stars of surfing. Over the last 15 years John has followed the youth around to all the worlds best surf destinations. His drive and ambition is only comparable to that of a NBA draft scout. Constantly on the trigger and developing tight relationships with future world champions, he has taken over the market of shooting the younger hip surfers. No one even comes close in his field. On top of that John is overall a great caring person.”
Pete Taras, Photo Editor, Transworld Surf Magazine